GroundworkThe Film

In Philadelphia, the birthplace of the US, people from all walks of life are building courage, connection and hope against all odds. Groundwork is a documentary series about what happens when people stop putting up with injustice and start building a movement.

Shymara, a cashier at Popeye’s, risks her job to fight for $15 an hour and a better future for her son. Celia drives without a license each day to take her kids to school, and fights to change policies that could break her family apart. In the midst of a manufactured education crisis, high school students like Nadia and Giancarlos learn how to build for long-term change. After 30 years as a nurse, Lori fights to put the community back in healthcare. Earl connects the dots between chronic flooding in his neighborhood and climate change around the world. Their experiences are the groundwork it takes to make Philadelphia, and our nation, a place that truly lives up to the promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for every person.

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