We are currently raising money to take Groundwork on tour, help us get on the road and donate today!

We need your help to visit at least 20 cities and towns on a summer tour. Grassroots organizers, potential organizers, and members of the extended community working on different issues need to see this film and they need to see it together. That’s what Groundwork is all about — how our struggles are interconnected and how we can stand up together.

At some tour stops this will be the first time that activists from the environmental movement meet fast food workers fighting for $15 an hour and a union. It may be the first time union nurses fighting for their ability to deliver good patient care meet high school students fighting for their right to an education. It will definitely be a time for everyone in the room to see echoes of their own struggle in the film and discuss big questions together – like “Why do so many people have to struggle so much?”

Some of these community screenings will be small – maybe 25 people in a small town church basement. Some will be big – like in Flint and Detroit Michigan – where our friends are fighting for clean drinking water and to stop water-shutoffs for neighbors who can’t afford to pay jacked up prices for water. This tour will also be about connecting a national network of folks telling the stories of poor and working people in a way that honors their resistance and their insight.